The Institute of Civil Society

The Institute was founded in January 2008 with

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard as initiator and leader. 

The Institute for Civil Society works with research, development projects, courses and debate activities as well as other cultural activities - in a Danish, Nordic and European context.

More information about the Work profile of Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard can be seen below:

Curriculum Vitae, December 2020 (English editions) - see here »

Arthur Dove: Distraction, 1928

Hal Koch

"Democracy is a way of living. It is not a result once achieved, but a task that constantly must be fought for."

What is Democracy, 1945

Karl Popper

"Even though History doesn’t have any purpose, we can impose our purpose on it, and even though History doesn’t have any Meaning, we can give it a meaning."

The Poverty of Historicism, 1957