The Board of three to five members is elected at the ordinary annual meeting for a term of one year. 

The Board elects the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, and the Head of Institute participates in the meetings as secretary.  The Board makes decisions by meetings, telephone meetings or by procedure of writing.


Niels Ole Frederiksen, chairman

Tlf. (+45) 29 24 00 62


Marie Evers, deputy chairman

Tlf. (+45) 29 24 00 46


Bente von Schindel, member

Tlf. (+45) 29 64 70 40


Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, secretary

Tlf. (+45) 51 300 320


Picabia:  M`Amenes-y, 1919



Do people really want liberty, equality, fraternity? Is it not some manner of speaking?

H. C. Andersen

”Then do you acknowledge that I’m mightier than poetry, philosophy, mathematics, and all the music” she said. ”Mightier than all those painted and marble-carved sensations? I’m older than all of them. I was born close to the Garden of Eden, outside where the wind blew and the damp toadstools grew. I made Eve put on clothes in the cold wind, and Adam too. Believe me, the first toothache was a powerful one!”

Auntie Toothache, 1872