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A wide selection of speeaches and presentations by  Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard can be read and downloaded below.

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Presentations about Learning

Tale om Soka pædagogikken, January 2006, København

Presentation speech at Kansai Soka Gymnasium, Sept 2006, Osaka

Presentation on the Grundtvigian enlightenment tradition, The oral history project, Latvian University, May 2010

LOAC, learning outcome of amateur culture, Ljubljana, June 2011

At forklare det uforklarlige, Nordfyns Folkehøjskole, May 2012

Presentations about Culture and Art

Værdier og mål i frivillige kultur, Kulturelle Samrads temamøde, March 2009

Den frie kultur, Haderslev Kulturkonference, April 2011

Kulturoplæg, Kulturkonference i Thisted, Sept 2011

Presentation of the LOAC project, Ljubljana, Oct 2011

Presentation of the LOAC project, Utrecht, Nov 2011

LOAC, Konference i Kbh, 1 oplæg, Nov 2011

LOAC, Konference i Kbh, 2 oplæg, Nov 2011

Learning for Life,  ENCC's Project Fair 2013 in Aarhus, June 2013

Kant's Aesthetic Philosophy, ART-AGE seminar, June 2013 in Copenhagen

Presentations about Educational and Culture policy

Presentation speech to Dr Ikeka, Sept 2006 at Soka University, Tokyo

Speech on civil society and lifelong learning, first session, Berlin, April 2012

Speech on civil society and lifelong learning, second session, Berlin, April 2012

Democracy, Nordic Baltic Meeting, Folkevirke, Nov 2012


Rothko: No 2, blue red and green

Sigmund Freud

"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization."

Desiderius Erasmus


"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

Adagia (III, IV, 96), 1508


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