Horkheimer & Adorno



















Max Horkheimer (front left), Theodor Adorno (front right), and Jürgen Habermas in the background, 1965 at Heidelberg



Propaganda for changing the world, what nonsense! Propaganda changes the language to an instrument, a lever, a machine.

Dialectic of Enlightenment; 1947









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The results of the project will In the fifth and last phase be dissiminated to the main target groups. The dissimination activities include

1.   Production of information material including materials on the publications, tools and the conferences, August 2011      

2.   Send out invitation to the conferences and information of the publications and tools, with links to the web sites, where the reports can be down loaded and the learning tools can be seen and used. August – September 2011 by each partner.

3.   The completion of three national one-day conferences presenting the results and perspectives in October 2011, by each partner

4.   Multiplication activities to the broad network of art based member associations of the partners’ umbrella associations; by direct mail, newsletters, articles and announcements in member magazines etc. Sept – Nov. 2011 by all partners.

5.   Mainstreaming to the press and decision-makers and opinion-formers of the sectors of voluntary culture and liberal adult education; newsletters, articles to newspapers, magazines and academic journals. Sept – Nov. 2011 by all partners.

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