H. C. Andersen




















H. C. Andersen, portrait by 

Aug. Grahl, 1846



Then do you acknowledge that I’m mightier than poetry, philosophy, mathematics, and all the music” she said. ”Mightier than all those painted and marble-carved sensations? I’m older than all of them. I was born close to the Garden of Eden, outside where the wind blew and the damp toadstools grew. I made Eve put on clothes in the cold wind, and Adam too. Believe me, the first toothache was a powerful one!

Auntie Toothache, 1872







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Evaluation and reporting 





The tasks of coordination, monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation are closed connected in a well organised project.

The 18 work packages correspond to the 18 main step of the task plan, and each work package consists of a group of part tasks. In this work breakdown structure the completion of each work package constitutes a main mile stone, and the part task in the package constitutes a chain of part mile stones that must be completed to reach the main mile stone.

The monitoring of the progress of the part-tasks in each work package consists of two checks, partly a contact to the responsible partner/person a week before the starting date of the part task to confirm that the partner are ready for the task, partly a check a week before deadline on the progress and quality of the planned result.

The evaluation consists of the final outcome evaluation at the end of the project, and process evaluations during the project’s progress. Process evaluation is an important session of each of the four partner meetings that allows reviews and adjustments of different parts of the project work.

The quality assurance implies that the Steering Committee (the administrator and coordinator) can correct any deviation from the operational objectives, or implement contingency plans, if the responsible partner can’t or haven’t solved the task as agreed. 


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To read – the Interim Report (public part), November 2010

To read – the Final Report (public part), November 2011  


See templates for evaluatiion of the partner meetings

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See template for evaluation of the pilot courses 

    LOAC - Template, evaluation of pilot courses


See template for evaluation of the pilot courses 

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