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Man only plays when it in the full meaning of the word is a Man, and it is only when it plays that it wholly and fully is a Man.


Friedrich von Schiller:

On the Aesthetic Education of Man, the fifteenth Letter, 1793











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The Compendium of Best Practice of cultural learning acivities in the organisa-tions of the partnership circle will focus on

1) the contribution of the activities to the overarching aims of livelong learning: active citizenship, cultural cohesion, personal fulfilment and employability;

2) the significance of a learning outcome assessed by a view on learning as consisting of three interrelated dimensions - competence, knowledge and personal formation (Bildung); 

3) the promoting of social inclusion of people of all ages, incl. those with special needs and disadvantaged groups;

        4) the possibilities of transnational European cooperation as part of   

      the  ordinary activities of the cultural associations

The publication will be in English, about 60 - 80 pages, and an edition of 900 items. The Anthology will be publish both as paper editions and as PDF-editions that can be distributed widely and downloaded from the partnership circles common project website.

The Compendium was published in May 2011 and can then be downloaded here.