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Daguerreotypi, 1856



We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate."

Walden, 1854










The partnership circle 

Project plan 

Work programme 

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Best practise 

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The work programme 








Task plan: Phases and work packages


First phase: Survey and guidelines for tools, Oct 2009 June 2010

1.   The first partnership meeting, Medio December 2009 in Denmark

2.   Survey on learning qualities and outcome, Dec. 2009  May 2010

3.   Guidelines for two tools of valuation, May June 2010 

Second phase: Develop tools for valuation, June Oct 2010

4.   The second partnership Meeting, June 2010 in Nederland

5.   Develop the valuation tool of personal learning, June Oct. 2010

6.   Develop the valuation tool of organizational learning, June Oct. 2010

7.   Prepare compendia on best practise, June Oct. 2010

Third Phase: Develop two pilot courses, Oct 2010 March 2011

8.  The third partnership meeting, November 2010 in Slovenia

9.   Develop a 6days Grundtvig in-training course, Nov. 2010- March 2011

10. Develop a 6days Grundtvig workshop course, Nov. 2010 March 2011

Forth phase: Dissemination of results, March 2011 July 2011

11. The fourth partner meeting, April 2011 in Germany

12. Publish: Report of learning qualities, Compendia of best practise and

      Course compendia, April July 2011

13. Launch four valuation tools of personal learning, April July 2011

14. Launch four valuation tools of organizational learning, April July 2011

Fifth phase: Exploitation of results, Aug 2011 Nov 2011

15. Prepare four conferences in each country, Aug Oct 2011

16. Complete four conferences in each country, October 2011

17. Multiplication and mainstreaming of the result, Sep Nov 2011

18. Project report and account, November 2011

All phases: Monitoring ans management, Oct 2009 Nov 2011

19.  Monitoring and quality assurance, Oct. 2009 Nov. 2011

20.  Management and coordination, Oct. 2009 Nov. 2011

*    *    *

Task plan, 1st revision, Nov 2009 - can be read here.


Task plan, 2nd revision, Nov 2010 - can be read here.