Grundtvig, drawing by P. C. Skovgaard, 1847

Freedom our watchword here in the North,            freedom for Loke        as well as for Thor.

Nordic Mythology, 1832








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The partnership circle










 The project consortium includes

·     Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark / Joint Cultural Councils in Denmark

      Farvergade 27, DK-1463 Copenhagen K

(+45) 33 93 13 26 *


·     Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society

Skovgade 25, DK-5500 Middelfart

(+45) 51 300 320 *


·     Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti / Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities

Stefanova 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana

 (+386) 12 41 05 28 *  


·     Kunstfactor, Sectorinstituut Amateurkunst

Kromme Nieuwegracht 66, NL-3512 HL Utrecht

(+31) (0) 30 711 5100 *



Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark (Applicant)

National association of the local cultural councils, which are umbrella organizations for local associations within the area of culture and leisure-time activities. Cultural councils exist in approximately 90 of Denmark’s 98 municipalities. The main purpose of ”Joint Cultural Councils in Denmark” is to inspire and develop the cultural area, and to influence, initiate, debate, exemplify etcetera in order to create the best possible conditions for all cultural learning activities. ”Joint Cultural Councils in Denmark” are on a national basis working closely with the rest of the cultural voluntary associations.

Role in the project:

As the applicant organisation Joint Cultural Council has particular tasks regarding legal and financial management and quality assurance, and Joint Cultural Council has extended tasks regarding the first partner meeting in Denmark, the Compen-dium on best practise and the Grundtvig Workshop pilot course, and similar tasks as the other partners on the rest of the work packages.

Contact person:

Bente von Schindel, General Secretary, MA (Nordic Litt. and Rhetoric)

(+45) 29647040 *


Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society (Coordinator)

Interfolk is an Institute for liberal education and voluntary associations. The objectives are to promote popular enlightenment and active citizenship in the context of liberal adult education, voluntary associations and cultural activities in the civic society. The activities may include research, surveys and development projects, seminars and debate, and other cultural activities in a Danish, Nordic, European and a broader international context.

Role in the project:  

As coordinator Interfolk has particular tasks regarding project steering, monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation, and Interfolk has extended tasks regarding the partner meetings, the documentation survey, and the development of the framework and content of the valuation tools. On the other side Interfolk has fewer tasks regarding the pilot courses and the conferences of the exploitation phase.

Contact person:

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, Head of Institute, Ph.D. (History of Ideas)

(+45) 51 300 320 *


Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti (Partner)

JSKD is a national institution covering all branches of amateur culture and art: vocal and instrumental music, theatre and puppet, folklore, film and video, literature, fine arts, dance. JSKD main tasks are: Organization and offering of cultural events; Preparation of seminars, workshops, lectures, summer camps; Counseling, supporting, informing; Publication of periodicals and other publications; Joint financing of cultural programs.

   JSKD headquarters in Ljubljana and fifty-nine branch offices all over Slovenia with about 100 employees (organizers, experts, technicians) stimulate the development of Slovenian amateur art. JSKD organizes international, national and regional programmes of education, presen-tations and reviews of non-professional culture and art. JSKD is a member of European umbrella networks ECuCo and Amateo and international organisations of music, theatre, puppet theatre and folklore such as Europa Cantat, IFCM, CISM,AITA/IATA, CIOFF etc.

Role in the project:  

JSKD has extended tasks regarding the third partner meeting in Slovenia, the pilot Grundtvig in-training course, and similar tasks as the other umbrella associations on the rest of the work packages.

Contact person:

Marjetka Turk, Assistant Director for General Affairs

(+386) (1) 241 05 24 *


Kunstfactor, Sectorinstituut Amateurkunst (Partner)

Kunstfactor is the national Dutch institute for the development and promotion of amateur arts. As such the centre has expertise in the fields of voluntary arts development, management and education as well as in that of arts education per se. Kunstfactor is responsible for various training and learning curricula, used inside and outside of educational centres, as well as for training modules for volunteers who are active in the field of the amateur arts. Kunstfactor is constantly looking for ways in which cultural and artistic competences can be acquired and acknowledged. It is one of the founders and partners of the Standards and Accreditation Centre for Amateur Arts and Arts Education in the Netherlands.

Role in the project:

Kunstfactor has extended tasks regarding the second partner meeting in Utrecht, and pilot Grundtvig in-training course, and similar tasks as the other umbrella associations on the rest of the work packages.

Contact person:

Wies Rosenboom, Head of Office staff and Dance and Writing, MA Sc (Drs.)

(+31) (0)30 711 5140 *